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Collection of personal data in regards to the German Admission Program

Hello and welcome,

this is a Kabul Luftbrücke Form and NOT a registration with the German government or a guarantee for evacuation. Your data will be registered with Kabul Luftbruecke. Please note that registering with Kabul Luftbruecke does not mean you are automatically registered with the German Admission Program. You will be informed when your application is submitted to the German Admission Program.

Please note that we unfortunately don't have the capacity to reply to questions individually or assist you with your registration.

If you have already received this link in the past, please note that it is an updated version from January 2023 and we kindly ask you to fill it out again, since the information that is required for the new program is different from the information that you previously provided. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For more information please visit this link: Admission Program Info

Guidance information for your registration can be found in the right corner of the mask under “Manual” after logging in.

Please note that your submission is only complete if you receive a new application id that starts with "#KLB-" You will also receive an email confirming your registration including your application id.

Thank you and our thoughts are with you
Kabul Luftbrücke Team

Please verify your email in order to access the registration form.
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